Glacier FarmMedia COVID-19 & the Farm


As the 2021 harvest gets underway across Saskatchewan, Discovery Farm
Langham is making swift progress thanks to a collaboration with CLAAS and AGI.

“As AGI continues our journey with Discovery Farm in offering high-end equipment solutions,
harvest is an exciting time to see the machinery come to life,” said David Postill, Senior Vice
President, Marketing and Customer Experience at AGI. “Our hope is that the work we’re
completing together with Discovery Farm demonstrates how quickly tech innovation morphs
and how easily it can be adopted onto Canadian farms.”

With Discovery Farm serving as a hub of agricultural research, demonstration and knowledge
outreach initiatives, projects that have been established on the site showcase innovative
farming products and equipment that aim to shape the future of western Canadian agriculture.
Industry projects that are being harvested this season include 180 acres of flax and wheat on
the Discovery Farm Field of Excellence, 40 acres of canola and 40 acres of wheat on the YARA
Incubator Farm, 40 acres of canola, wheat, barley and flax through a partnership with Nutrien
Ag Solutions, 15 acres of canola with Väderstad and a number of smaller plot projects.

“It’s been a pleasure to play a role during this important time of year and work with the
Discovery Farm team,” said Tyler Billay, Territory Manager at CLAAS. “Despite drought
conditions from this past season, we are making way and understanding how to best navigate
our harvest strategy with the conditions we have been presented with.”

“Harvest time is that crucial phase in the growing season that can be both challenging and
rewarding. It’s what all farmers look forward to and all of us at Discovery Farm are no exception
to that,” said Kaitlyn Kitzan, Business Development and Operations Specialist with Discovery
Farm. “It wouldn’t be possible without our partners and their eagerness to join us on another
season that we know will bring meaningful results and observations as we reflect on the 2021
growing season.”