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LANGHAM, SK. – A research project underway this fall at Glacier FarmMedia Discovery Farm Langham is designed to assess the efficacy of CENTURO®, a nitrogen stabilizer used in anhydrous ammonia, that has the potential to expand the timing window for fall fertilizer application without affecting crop yields. 

Dean Streisel, founder and CEO of Down to Earth Ag Research, the contracted supplier of research service to Discovery Farm Langham, says the randomized study will involve three different timings for application–late September, mid-October and spring—before the research plots are seeded to canola.  

“When we evaluate the yield results next fall, we’ll be able to provide growers with valuable information about not only how this technology can potentially help prevent losses from leaching and denitrification,” says Streisel, “but also about the best timing for anhydrous application.” 

This research study is funded by Koch Agronomic Services, who are also supplying CENTURO plus a co-injection system that has been fitted to Discovery Farm Langham equipment.  

Dr. Rigas Karamanos, senior agronomist with Koch in Canada, says it is “next to impossible to find a research organization with the capability to do this kind of trial,” but after visiting Ag in Motion at Discovery Farm Langham and having been “very impressed indeed with the quality of the trials underway,” Koch collaborated with Down to Earth and Discovery Farm Langham for its own research. The goal, says Karamanos, “is to show producers they could potentially have more time in the fall to apply anhydrous without risking loss.”  

Streisel says an additional element to the project is a demonstration site to evaluate fall application of various fertilizer sources—broadcast, banding and dribble banding—with and without inhibitors. Demonstrations are important, he added, because they give producers a fuller picture of what the research entails, and how it is being conducted. 

“The goal is always to provide growers with the best information possible so they can make informed decisions that are right for their operation,” says Streisel. “And in this case, working with an industry partner brings an added level of benefit to farmers.” 


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ABOUT DISCOVERY FARM: Glacier FarmMedia Discovery Farm is an innovative agricultural event and demonstration site, home to Ag in Motion and the Field of Excellence. Located on 640 acres at Langham, Sask., Discovery Farm is designed to connect western Canadian farmers with industry and research partners to find practical solutions to the agriculture challenges of today, and tomorrow. 


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