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Discovery Farm trials and demonstrations seek solutions to the challenges western Canadian farmers have identified as most pressing for both today and tomorrow. The results provide independent, unbiased information farmers can apply to the important decisions they make for their operation.

In 2019, the Field of Excellence program included a canola agronomy trial and a wheat fertility trial, both carried out with partners positioned at various points in the crop-production cycle including seed suppliers, equipment manufacturers and crop protection companies.

The agronomy trial recognizes farmers’ interest in canola and the need to assess a row-crop planter versus a conventional air drill. There was also interest in knowing if the precise placement of the row planter would allow producers to reduce the canola seeding rate compared to target rates for an air drill without sacrificing plant population or canopy closure.

An additional 80 acres of wheat was seeded to evaluate nutritional products emerging on the market. Atlas XC is a dry fertilizer treatment applied at the time of seeding and designed to make phosphorous more readily available to plants. The other product—Radiant—is applied with herbicide to stimulate root growth.

Research Report

A Comprehensive Research Report of the 2019 Field-Scale Demonstration Trials Conducted at the Glacier FarmMedia Discovery Farm

Other projects at Discovery Farm Langham include

  • Salinity Project
  • Water Management Project
  • Yara Incubator Farm
  • Co-op Xtreme Site
  • ALPINE and MST trials