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Discovery Farm trials and demonstrations seek solutions to the challenges western Canadian farmers have identified as most pressing for both today and tomorrow. The results provide independent, unbiased information farmers can apply to the important decisions they make for their operation.

Field of Excellence

Field of Excellence is a collaborative research and demonstration program held annually at Discovery Farm Langham. This popular program attracts industry partners from diverse points across the entire production supply chain, bringing their insights, learnings and objectives together into a single cohesive project focused on informing and engaging with Canadian farmers.

Industry-Led Projects

Discovery Farm Langham has partnered with Down to Earth Ag Research to lead and manage industry research projects.

Salinity Project

The Salinity Project will be conducted over two acres to evaluate the ability of three treatments of forage crops to establish in salt-affected soils. Once established, this project will be monitored over a period from five to ten years.

Water Management Project

The Water Management Project will be conducted in unison with the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency. The aim of the project is to develop and implement a water management plan over approximately 40 acres within Discovery Farm Langham that contains wetlands of varying classes.

Ag in Motion

Discovery Farm Langham is the home of Ag in MotionTM. Ag in Motion first opened its gates in 2015. It has grown to be the biggest outdoor farm expo in Western Canada, where farmers can see the latest technology in action. Ag in Motion welcomes over 30,000 farmers and 500+ exhibitors annually.

Annual Research Report 2020

A Comprehensive Research Report of the 2020 Field-Scale Demonstration Trials Conducted at the Glacier FarmMedia Discovery Farm

Annual Research Report 2019

A Comprehensive Research Report of the 2019 Field-Scale Demonstration Trials Conducted at the Glacier FarmMedia Discovery Farm