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Industry-Led Projects


Yara Incubator Farm

Growing new ideas together is what Yara Incubator Farm is all about. 
This 80-acre project focuses on demonstration of products and technology while collaborating with equipment partners and suppliers of innovative tools. Through this project, Yara is helping farmers make leading-edge decisions on their farm through insights learned from precision agriculture and other advancements in today’s farming practice. 
Yara’s goal with the research being conducted at Discovery Farm is to showcase new and traditional practices to their retail partners and their farmers that could make a difference in how, when and what nutrition is applied as they work toward keeping operations simple and farms profitable. 
In addition to the field scale trials, the research underway also involves a small-plot component, where Yara is trialing new granular fertilizers, fertilizer coatings and foliar nutrition products along with crop nutrition strategies on key western Canadian crops.


Koch Agronomic Services Fall Fertilizer Project

Minimizing loss of nitrogen is a key investigation of the KOCH Agronomic Services Fall Fertilization Project. With the SUPERU ANVOL Premium Fertilizer in urea form that is broadcast and stabilized in the fall, this project uncovers the parallels of deep banding it in the spring. Additionally, this project compares spraying UAN with untreated UAN in an effort to stabilize at least 75% of the UAN. Through this project, it is anticipated that more ground can be covered in a more efficient manner while projecting against nitrogen loss in the atmosphere.

Smart Nutrition

Smart Nutrition MAP + MST

In a quest to discover a safer sulfur source, this research trial is examining results from using a phosphate fertilizer enriched with micronized elemental sulfur with a particle size of only 15 microns – the only one of its kind in the market. The findings are compared to straight ammonia sulfate as well as S15, which has a higher salt index. Now in its second year of trial on canola, this project aims to achieve better seed row safety and faster oxidation for optimum availability to plants.

Innovative Ag Performance

Innovative Ag Performance Inoculant Trial

Long, narrow 20 x 500 ft strips of peas at the Discovery Farm Langham site are being tested with various brands of inoculants in one format through the IAP Inoculant Trial. An assortment of coatings and formulations are applied at differing phases priot to the time of seeding with the goal of determining the survivability of the inoculant. This trial is one acre total and will unveil harvest data and yield results once completed in fall 2021. 

Agro Liquid

AgroLiquid Fertilizer Assessment

Using macro and micro fertilizer products from AgroLiquid, this study is comparing functions of dry fertilizers to combinations of liquid fertilizers. Canola yield performance will be observed through this project and it is anticipated that the results will offer dynamic findings through the testing of various combinations. 


BASF Observation Study

The essence of chemistry compositions and the impact it has on InVigor hybrid canola with weeds lies at the BASF Observation at Discovery Farm Langham. This observational research is being conducted on a 10th of an acre through a spray study with custom and specialized products and formulations produced by BASF. 

University of Saskatchewan

4R Phosphorus Trial

We all understand the importance of Phosphorus fertilizer for a complete crop nutrition plan, but with so many phosphorus fertilizer options, which is the best for your farm? 
The 4R Phosphorus Trial evaluates the agronomic response of eight phosphorus fertilizer forms applied at a low and high rate and compares broadcast vs side-band application. This three-year multi-site study investigates all aspects of 4R Nutrient Stewardship to help maximize use of the crop and minimize potential losses of applied fertilizer. 
This project is a collaborative effort with Dr. Jeff Schoenau of the University of Saskatchewan


Vaderstad Canola Seeding Rate Demonstration

Achieve goal yield, use less seed.

It’s no secret that canola seed carries a significant cost to a farmer’s operation. The canola low-rate seeding trial with Vaderstad is underway across 10 acres at Discovery Farm Langham in an effort to compare seeding rates using the Tempo planter and Seed Hawk air seeder. This in turn will allow for an analysis of what will best support farmers in reaching their net profit goal. These two units under the microscope are universally designed with precision and accuracy in mind to offer a high standard of crop emergence.


Vaderstad Carrier Demonstration

In the onset of spring seeding, two acres at Discovery Farm Langham have been dedicated for performance demonstration of the Vaderstad Carrier disc cultivator. This top-of-the-line tillage unit delivers ultra-shallow cultivation at a remarkably high speed. Here at Discovery Farm, we will see first-hand what the Carrier unit promises and how it prepares the best possible seed bed leading into spring.