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Industry-Led Projects

Discovery Farm Langham has partnered with Down to Earth Ag Research to lead and manage industry research projects. Current partnerships include:

Yara Incubator Farm

In the spring of 2020, Yara introduced their first Canadian Incubator Farm at Discovery Farm Langham. The 2020 project was designed to evaluate the yield increase potential and economic impact of crop nutrition practices.

A total of 80 acres at Discovery Farm will be devoted to the large-scale trials, including 40 seeded with canola and another 40 with wheat. Standard farming practices will be used on half of each crop as a control. The other half will feature alternative practices, products and technology designed to improve crop yield, nutrient use efficiency and grower profitability.

Yara’s goal with the research being conducted at Discovery Farm is to showcase new and traditional practices to their retail partners and their farmers that could make a difference in how, when, and what nutrition is applied as they work toward keeping operations simple and farms profitable.

In addition to field scale trials, the research underway also involves a small-plot component, where Yara will trial new granular fertilizers, fertilizer coatings, and foliar nutrition products along with crop nutrition strategies on key western Canadian crops.

Koch Agronomic Services Fall Fertilizer Project

A research project underway this fall with Koch Agronomic Services is designed to assess the efficacy of CENTURO®, a nitrogen stabilizer used in anhydrous ammonia. CENTURO® carries the potential to expand the timing window for fall fertilizer application without affecting crop yields.

The randomized study will involve three different timings for application–late September, mid-October and spring—before the research plots are seeded to canola. The yield results will be evaluated next fall, to assess how this technology might help prevent losses from leaching and denitrification and inform optimal timing for anhydrous application.

An additional element to the project is a demonstration site to evaluate fall application of various fertilizer sources—broadcast, banding and dribble banding—with and without inhibitors. Stay tuned for more updates on this project.

Smart Nutrition MAP + MST

Smart Nutrition MAP + MST has engaged in a project to gather local data for a new micronized elemental sulfur product in the market. The objective is to build a comparison between the new product and traditional AMS, competitor products and products that are a combination of elemental and sulfate.

Down to Earth Ag Research is observing the product’s performance in the climate of the Saskatoon region, as well as measuring crop reaction. As the product primarily oxidizes within one year of application, Down to Earth Ag Research will be taking close measurements to determine its effectiveness in delivering optimum sulfur amounts in colder conditions. So far the product has shown encouraging performance results.