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Farmers seeking new methods on tracking and testing grain varieties may have to look no further than tools emerging from VeriGrain Sampling Inc. and Shore Measuring Systems.

With a goal of improving information management as well as storage, tracking and sample accuracy, VeriGrain has put their products to use at Discovery Farm Langham during the 2021 harvest season.

“Grain quality is as important a factor as grain quantity, but most farms don’t know with certainty what they have,” said Ken Jackson, CEO of VeriGrain. We are looking forward to working with Discovery Farm to make grain quality and quantity tracking easier and more accurate using the VeriGrain system, so growers can get maximum prices for their grain.”

Shore Measuring Systems have brought in their SHORE Model 920 and 930 Portable Moisture Testers which are UGMA compatible and consistent with technology at grain elevators in Canada. Through this new-to-Canada technology, the team at Discovery Farm has put each grain variety to the test, achieving high accuracy of moisture levels.

“We understood the importance of stepping onto the Canadian market with this technology,” said Jim Brackett, Director of Business Development at Shore Measuring Systems. “Any discrepancies or incompatibility that farmers may have faced previously will be alleviated with this technology. Our goal is to demonstrate solutions for grain moisture testing with complete accuracy in mind.”

“Bringing these partners on board was the first step in seeing transformative results. They are the experts, and this collaboration allows for a full showcase of new products,” said Kaitlyn Kitzan, Business and Operations Development Specialist with Discovery Farm. “The solutions they uncover are what we aim to transfer over to farmers across the prairies. We hope that farmers can have full knowledge of what’s out there for tools and technology that will aid in efficiency on their farms.”