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Discovery Farm is an innovative agricultural event and demonstration site designed to connect Canadian farmers with industry and research partners in the quest for practical solutions to the most pressing ag challenges of today and tomorrow.

Discovery Farm, located at Langham, SK and Woodstock, ON is owned and operated by Glacier FarmMedia

Discovery Farm Langham

  • Home to Ag in Motion, western Canada’s premier outdoor farm expo
  • Field of Excellence, a 380-acre applied research site where field-scale trials produce results that make a real difference for farmers
  • 60 acres of additional research plots where research and industry partners conduct trials and demonstrations that inform farmers’ decision-making
  • Professional staff to assist partners in designing and running high-quality research
  • State-of-the-art digital farming infrastructure including real-time field monitoring systems
  • Farmer clinics, training and field tours in spring, summer and fall

Discovery Farm Woodstock

  • Home of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, an annual event celebrating over 25 years of unique programming that advances agriculture in Ontario
  • Aspirations for a cutting-edge soil health centre committed to bring industry, government and research organizations together within a classroom and demonstration framework to boost soil health knowledge, innovation and practices
  • Plans to build urban and rural connection through an academic demo farm with strategic partners including Grain Farmers of Ontario

At Discovery Farm, our goal is to provide Canadian producers with the knowledge they need to improve the productivity, efficiency and sustainability of their operations from seeding through harvest and beyond. With our research and industry partners, Discovery Farm is here to unearth the possibilities.

Our People

Discovery Farm staff are agriculture professionals with extensive experience in research that produces practical, unbiased information of real value to western Canadian farmers. Contact our staff to discuss the opportunities available at Discovery Farm.

Blake Weiseth, PAg

As Glacier FarmMedia Discovery Farm Director of Research & Demonstration, Blake oversees how field trials are designed and implemented.

Down to Earth Ag Research Inc.

Down to Earth Ag Research Inc. is an agricultural research company based in Saskatchewan focusing on third party field scale testing of agricultural products.

Kaitlyn Kitzan

Kaitlyn Kitzan is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Glacier FarmMedia Discovery Farm.

Lynda Tityk

Lynda Tityk

Executive Vice President and Publisher of Glacier FarmMedia and responsible for business and partnership development at Discovery Farm.


Discovery Farm trials and demonstrations seek solutions to the challenges western Canadian farmers have identified as most pressing for both today and tomorrow. The results provide independent, unbiased information farmers can apply to the important decisions they make for their operation.